The Voyager Telerad system has been designed to accept images sent from DICOM Modalitiesor Film Digitizers. It can also provide frame-grab DICOM bridge functions to non DICOM modalities (an option). Voyager Telerad allows film scanning and document scanning on the same station thus providing simplified workflow, cost savings and efficiencies.

Voyager Telerad allows the user to view and manipulate acquired images. These images can be stored locally and/or sent to another location for reporting by a radiologist or review by clinical users. Images can be sent via dial-up, LAN, WAN or Internet, with options for compression to decrease transmission time and reduce bandwidth usage.

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Voyager Telerad offers advanced database options that permit long term storage of images. Configurable user worklists and advanced search functions allow users to easily access any stored study.

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The Voyager Telerad worklist maybe individually configured. (i.e.Studies maybe sorted via status unreported/reported, site, modality, referring doctor, etc.. , all via a simple and intuitive drop=down menu). workstation has been designed with user workflow in mind and is therefore user configurable, ensuring only the most frequently used tools are shown on the toolbar without cluttering of images.

Features, Tools & Options

  • Configurable desktop for users ensuring same configuration each time at log in 
  • Customized user toolbar configuration 
  • Customized user preferences 
  • Customized worklist filters and searches
  • Window & Level (including W/L presets)
  • Programmed mouse buttons for quick image manipulation
  • Magnify, Zoom, Pan
  • Flip (Left/right, Top/Bottom), Rotate
  • Annotation
  • Image inversion
  • Measurements, ROI, and Angles
  • True size image display (1:1)
  • Multiple enhancement tools
  • DICOM Printing
  • Multiple criteria for sorting of worklist entries
  • Image export
  • Upgradeable to PACS Workstation

Note – Some products, features or configurations may not be available in USA.