Remote Radiology reporting and Teleradiology sites, require Medical Images to be reported by offsite Radiologists. Both efficient workflow and secure image transfer are required for these examinations to be reported by these remote Radiologists.

Voyager RIS and Voyager Teleradiology solutions provide a simple workflow that allows fast and efficient processing of patients through the Teleradiology Centre and to connect seamlessly to offsite Reporting Radiologists enabling fast turnaround of results for patients and referring doctors.

Voyager RIS provides the detailed processing elements of scheduling, booking, billing, business reporting and results delivery to referring doctors, while Voyager Telerad provides integration of patient demographics between the RIS to Telerad workstation, image storage and sending to external reporting Radiologists.

With more than 20 years of experience in Medical Imaging, including Teleradiology across low and high bandwidths, Voyager products are widely used in Australian and International markets to seamlessly connect remote imaging centres to Imaging specialists throughout the world.