Imaging Centres and Private Radiology Groups provide a range of specialised services and procedures requiring the ability to have seamless connectivity and access by internal and external users to these practices. This connectivity allows for an efficient and effective use of systems that provide referring doctors and specialists with the delivery of images and reports.

Whether you are a single site or have multiple imaging centres, Voyager RIS and PACS integrated solutions provide tightly integrated systems and workflow that connect Radiologists, Clinicians, Administrative staff and Referring Doctors to ensure fast and efficient interactions by all users through the patient journey.

With more than 20 years of experience with Medical Imaging, our background and diversity ensures the precision, reliability and value whether you acquire 100’s or millions of images per year. Voyager systems can be tailored to your specific needs or provide out of the box solutions to support fast LAN, WAN and Intranet and Internet solutions to streamline your clinical and business needs.

Our Voyager Web based Products have been developed in collaboration with Australian and global experts, so you can be confident that it will work for you, across low through high bandwidth networks.


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