Image and Report distribution to Referring Clinicians and specialists is the overarching requirement for the finalisation of the diagnostic process. Voyager Imaging provides several mechanisms for the provision of reports and image delivery.

Voyager Imaging's standards based integration methods provide the mechanisms for integration with patient management systems, HIS, EMR and electronic report distributors such as Healthlink, with the ability to embed URL's into these reports that provides key image or full study access to authorised users.

As healthcare becomes mobile, Voyager Imaging provides images and report access on mobile devices such as iPAD and iPhone. Voyager Imaging provides web browser agnostic image and report access using the latest Voyager Zero Footprint viewer, providing clinicians the peace of mind that technology and alternative systems are catered for.

Voyager Burn CD/DVD burning Systems provide an efficient means of delivering images and reports on readily available CD and DVD media to referring clinicians. Voyager Imaging provides the mechanism to have these images and reports available on USB devices.